Welcome to the ultimate in Frustration. How can I play so well but only for about nine of the eighteen holes?  What does it take to play a full round, […]

Skill, Luck or some of both. I hope you watched Sunday’s final round in the Traveler’s championship.  Exciting isn’t saying enough. Not that I wished Berger any ill will but […]

Rally for the Cure

The morning air was cool as women golfers, both members and guests, arrived in the parking lot of the Discovery Bay Country Club.  They were greeted by male club members who […]

Fine Scottish Weather in Discovery Bay

The weather in Discovery Bay, California has been overcast with a smell of rain and temperatures in the 60’s.  Fine Scottish weather.  Occasionally, it has rained.  Not necessarily hard but […]

The MASTERS - It's Sunday

The first 3 days. This years Masters began similar to previous years except, although there, Arnold Palmer did not hit a ceremonial drive. Jack Nicklaus did not out drive Gary […]

Define Stymie

The other day while playing golf, my ball was sitting on the green when one of my foursome buddies chipped his ball onto the green and it landed behind mine.  […]

What Golf Games Do You Play? Do you Play Team Golf Games?   This past week, my Senior Golf Group played a very interesting match.  We were broken up into foursomes and […]

Play Match Play Golf

There are many ways to play golf.  Perhaps I should say there are many different games you can play when playing golf.  All of these games require at least 1 partner […]