Private Club Golf

Our friends, Bud and Lorraine, visited us from Pennsylvania.  We had a great time visiting, eating and drinking.  I knew Bud was a golfer so I had proposed that we play […]

A Round Experimenting with Equipment

Have you ever played a simple round of golf where you or your partners played with demo equipment, shared equipment and just experimented?    In reality these events happened in more than a […]

Fun Ideas Golf Scramble

It’s great when someone comes up with a fun idea for a Golf Tournament.  On Labor Day I played in a Golf Tournament that has become a tradition at my […]

Why are the Golf Gods so Fickle?

  I hope I don’t offend the Golf God’s with this post.  I truly believe it’s the Indian not the arrow that controls what happens.  However, there is a certain […]

There's More to Life than Golf

I thought I would write something a little different that you would hopefully find interesting.  I love to play golf and watch golf but that is not my only enjoyment in […]

Enjoying Wednesday Golf

One of my goals is to help golfers learn how to enjoy the game.  Golf can be the most frustrating game ever played and you must learn how to curb […]