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 The Grump
The Grump

One of my goals is to help golfers learn how to enjoy the game.  Golf can be the most frustrating game ever played and you must learn how to curb your frustrations.  I plan to use myself as the main example of how to control your emotions.


As I have previously mentioned, I play golf 3 times a week.  Two days a week I have steady foursomes.  On Wednesday mornings at my club we play Senior Golf.  The Senior Men’s Golf Club, a club within a club, has an 8:30 shotgun start essentially every Wednesday.  You sign up in advance, until about noon on Tuesday and foursomes are set up.  When you arrive at the club before 8AM, you find out who you are playing with and on which hole you start.  This being the last Wednesday of the month, the game was match play within the foursome.  For match play, the foursomes are set up so the players have essentially the same handicap.  If they are not all the same, we play off the lowest handicap.  Today as an example, 3 of us had the same handicap and 1 player’s handicap was 2 strokes higher.  He got a stroke on the #1 and #2 handicap holes.


The nice thing about belonging to a club is you know all of the people and those you don’t know you get to know because you wind up playing golf with them at some time.  Today I had a fun foursome.  Immediately, I knew I would have an enjoyable day no matter how I played.  I started on the #1 handicap hole and all 4 of us had short shots into the green for our third shot.  We then all hit good shots and all had a putt for par.  I had about a 5 foot putt for par which I missed.   Putting right now is somewhat difficult.  The greens are not running true because they were recently punched and sanded, however I actually pushed the putt off line.  Unfortunately this was an omen of things to come.  I missed makeable par putts on the next 2 holes.  Was I annoyed at myself?  Of course, but I was not upset and still enjoyed the company.  One fellow in my foursome, Bob, is a real talker and I find him funny.  He can really rag on you and if you let him get to you it will only get worse.  I actually think he can ease the tension of missed putts and bad shots by pointing them out.


My day was pretty steady, although, I continued to miss makeable putts.  I did have a few pars but I also had two 3 putts, which I hate.  The point is I still had a good time.  I enjoyed being outdoors.  I enjoyed the scenery. I enjoyed the company.  I enjoyed the day.  I chalk up how I played to the Golf Gods.  Remember, the Golf Gods giveth and the Golf Gods taketh away.

Remember, you don’t have to be a member of a private club or retired to enjoy golf.  There are many public courses with Men’s and Women’s clubs.  There are also a lot of golf groups, known as affiliate clubs, made up of people who work and usually play on weekends.  They often golf as a group at different courses.  If you don’t have friends to golf with, look into joining a group and getting to know new people who also enjoy playing.

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