About Me

That's MeHi,

My name is Saul and I’m an   amateur Golfer.  I have a great passion for the game. After playing at golf for many years, I finally began really playing golf when I retired.  Over the last ten years I have learned a lot and formed many opinions about playing the game and more importantly enjoying the game.  I started this website to share those opinions.

In my previous life I worked in High Tech as an Engineer and Manager.  I spent most of my career in High Power, High Voltage electronics for development and operation of microwave tubes for Military, Scientific and Medical use.  I spent the last years of my 43 year career at Stanford University working for SLAC National Laboratory in the Klystron Department.

Since retiring I joined a Country Club and usually play golf 3 times a week.  I have become active in the club and served as President of the Senior Men’s Club and have also served on the Handicap committee.  When people see me not playing on a weekend and  ask me why, I simply say, I don’t have to.