Rally for the Cure

The morning air was cool as women golfers, both members and guests, arrived in the parking lot of the Discovery Bay Country Club.  They were greeted by male club members who took their bags, showed them to their carts and told them where to sign-in for the tournament. On September 22, 2016, the 9-Hole women’s group… Continue reading Rally for the Cure

Four Person Golf Games

What Golf Games Do You Play? Do you Play Team Golf Games?   This past week, my Senior Golf Group played a very interesting match.  We were broken up into foursomes and average team handicaps were mostly equalized. Each team had an A, B, C and D player.  The A player is the low handicapper and the D… Continue reading Four Person Golf Games

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Play Match Play Golf

There are many ways to play golf.  Perhaps I should say there are many different games you can play when playing golf.  All of these games require at least 1 partner but in fact you don’t even have to be playing together.  You can play separately and compare score cards later.  Most people play stroke play… Continue reading Play Match Play Golf

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Private Club Golf

Our friends, Bud and Lorraine, visited us from Pennsylvania.  We had a great time visiting, eating and drinking.  I knew Bud was a golfer so I had proposed that we play a round while he was with us.  Bud and Lorraine attended our wedding in Lake Tahoe and a group of us, including Bud,  played golf the… Continue reading Private Club Golf

A Round Experimenting with Equipment

Have you ever played a simple round of golf where you or your partners played with demo equipment, shared equipment and just experimented?    In reality these events happened in more than a single round, but for simplicity I’ve combined the story.   It has no bearing on outcome or anything else.   A couple of weeks ago, on… Continue reading A Round Experimenting with Equipment