Golf Bags

Golf Bags

What is the right Golf Bag for you?

There are three main styles of golf bag: a Stand Bag, a Cart Bag and a Staff Bag.  In addition, there are small carry bags that are very lightweight but many are meant to carry fewer golf clubs than in a complete set.  Some are large enough to carry a complete set but in that case why not buy a Stand Bag.

Then there are specialty bags which I will go into later i.e. Travel Bags.

Remember, choose the bag that best suits how you plan to play golf and get around the golf course.

Whatever bag you choose, you can have it personalized with your name, etc. if you so chose.

In any case I suggest that you always have at least 1 nametag on your bag.

Stand Golf Bags:

Stand Bag
Stand Bag

This is definitely the bag for you if you plan to walk and carry your bag, or use a push/ pull cart, even if only occasionally.  The stand means you don’t have to lay the bag on the ground, as you would a simple Carry Bag.  Stand Bags come in many configurations.  Some have more pockets than others and different bags have different unloaded weights.  I’ve seen bags weigh as little as 3.5 lbs. and bags weighing 5.5lbs.  You also need to remember that the more accessories you put in your bag, including golf balls, the heavier it becomes.  The stand bag has a long clothes pocket on one side and a short pocket on the other side.  There is usually at least 1 front pocket.  The bags also come in different top diameters and divider configurations.  These bags come in all different colors from many manufacturers.  You may be partial to say a Titleist bag as shown on the right or perhaps you prefer Ping or TaylorMade.  The picture is in no way an endorsement of the Titleist bag.  Maybe you don’t want a club manufacturers bag.  There are bags for men and women.  Really, the difference is in colors and fluff or flowery material.

If you have a favorite college sports team, you can buy a bag with their colors and logos just like the college players carry.  Some professional teams also put their logo and colors on a golf bag.  It all depends on what you want or like and how much you want to spend.


Cart Golf Bags:

Cart Bag
     Cart Bag

This bag was developed for people who either ride in a cart or walk with a push or pull cart.  It is heavier than the Stand Bag and comes in many configurations.  There is a long pocket for clothes, etc. on either side of the bag.  In addition, there are small pocket on the outside of the long pockets.  The front of the bag usually has a ball pocket, an insulated pocket for food and drink and another pocket for accessories.  The back of the bag usually only has a handle and carrying strap, so there is no need to access the rear of the bag when it is sitting on a golf cart or a push/ pull cart.  The top of the bag comes in different sizes and different divider configurations.  Cart Bags can come with a full 14 club divider top and sometimes full length dividers or 4 or 6 way divider tops.  It all comes down to personal preference.

Cart bags come in colors and materials for both men and women.  You can choose your favorite colors or you can choose a bag that stands out so you can easily spot it in a group of bags.  All of the club manufacturers have several configurations of logo cart bags as do other golf accessory manufacturers.  Again it’s all personal preference and how much you want to spend.

I have a Cart Bag with 14 full length dividers.  I like the 14 club configuration because it easy to find the club I want and also a missing club stands out and you can quickly go back to get it.  I usually ride in a cart which gives me a chance to sit down and rest my back.  I’ve had a bad back for over 30 years and need to sit every so often during a round.  I probably carry too much in my bag, but I like to have a short sleeve or sleeveless shell and a long sleeve shell in case the weather turns during a round.  I also carry a pair of rain pants so I always have them.


Staff Golf Bags:

Staff Bag
     Staff Bag

This is the bag you see the Professionals use on tour.  Of course they have a caddie carrying this bag that when loaded may weigh upwards of 50 lbs.  Many are made out of leather and of course many carry a manufacturers logo and name.  These bags are usually large and are made to carry a lot of accessories, food drink, clothing, balls, towels, etc.  These bags are also mostly expensive.

I have a friend who won a staff bag and he keeps it home as a decoration.  He feels it is too big and heavy to use on a regular basis.  Years ago, staff bags were more prevalent among amateur golfers but today, I rarely see one on a course,  If I do, it probably belongs to the course pro.


Travel Bags:



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