Golf Attire

Golf Attire

Old Tom Morris
Teeing Off
       Teeing Off

Golf is a game that has evolved greatly over the last 100 years.    There was a time that people were much more formal than they are today.  Men played golf wearing jackets and ties.  Today golf attire is much more casual.  Private and semi-private golf courses still have dress codes but they usually just require collared shirts but disallow the wearing of denim, tank tops and flip-flops.  Most public courses are more lenient but face it, why look like a slob.


Obviously one wants to be comfortable when playing golf.  What you wear will definitely be dependent on the weather.  Since I live in Northern California, I golf year round.  I also now live inland at the beginning of the valley so it really is hot during the summer months.  From early April through October I live in shorts.  It’s tough to wake up every morning and say what shall I wear?  I think I’ll wear shorts and a golf shirt.  During the winter I wear long pants and a golf shirt.  I usually add a sweater.  My preference is for V-necks.  That is my comfort.  I add a shell (water resistant or waterproof) and I’m good to go.  The picture below shows casual golf wear for the summer.  Simple but neat.

Redhawk 1

I also have Rain Pants and a Rain Jacket.  Even if you don’t plan to play in the rain, they are good to have.  Sometimes it threatens rain or rain is forecast but you go out anyway.  Then if it starts raining you have a choice.  I play in light rain, not a downpour.



The last part of the outfit is a pair of golf shoes.  This can also depend upon weather.  In the summer, some people play in golf sandals.  They make them with replaceable soft spikes.  You can also wear regular soft spike golf shoes or spikeless golf shoes, now made by many manufacturers.  I just suggest that in wet weather a shoe with better traction tends to be better to play in.  Also, in wet weather make sure your shoes are waterproof.  You won’t regret it.



Soft Spikes
  Soft Spikes
Golf Sandals
Golf Sandals

The following is my recommendation of clothing for golf based upon season.  I realize that in many parts of the country there is no winter golf, at least officially.  I do know that in some parts of the country people golf any time the temperature hits 40°F or higher.



The list below is my recommendation of typical attire by season:


  • Collared polo shirt (aka golf shirt)
  • Comfortable shorts
  • Lightweight long pants if preferred
  • Ankle or low socks
  • Golf shoes
  • Light shell (carry in case of rain)
  • Rain pants (if your area is prone to rain)


  • Same as summer plus
  • Golf vest or sweater vest
  • If cool – long sleeve sweater

Fall/  Winter

  • Collared Polo shirt either short or long sleeve
  • Optional long sleeve Tee shirt as under garment
  • Comfortable long pants
  • Long or short sleeve sweater
  • Socks
  • Golf shoes – waterproof
  • Long sleeve waterproof windshirt
  • Possible rain suit










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