Rally for the Cure

Rally for the Cure

The morning air was cool as women golfers, both members and guests, arrived in the parking lot of the Discovery Bay Country Club.  They were greeted by male club members who took their bags, showed them to their carts and told them where to sign-in for the tournament.

On September 22, 2016, the 9-Hole women’s group in the Discovery Bay Country Club held their Rally for the Cure Golf Tournament.  We are a small Country Club at the eastern end of Contra Costa County but these women run a great fund raising tournament.  They always manage to be able to donate many thousands of dollars to The Susan G. Komen Charity to find a cure and eliminate Breast Cancer.

The morning started with a breakfast sandwich upstairs in the Grill Room either before or after warmup on both the driving range or the putting green.  This was followed by golf and a lunch in the main dining room of the Country Club.  As usual they had raffles and a silent auction of many wonderful items.

Socher Insurance and the Discovery Bay Country Club jointly sponsored the first hole as they have done in the past.  I was once again honored to work with my friend Jack Socher and serve the ladies complimentary Margaritas on the first hole.  The Margaritas were supplied by the Discovery Bay Country Club.

You have to realize that this is a fun tournament (played in 4 -person scramble format) and even though there was an 8:30 shotgun start at least some of the women were happy to start drinking early.  Whether you are aware or not, the exercise helps burn off the effects of the alcohol.  I know that I can have a few on the course and still play.  An 8:30 start on a chilly morning can induce some people to have an early drink.

Jack and I stayed and continued serving the entire tournament until the last group who started on hole #2 came through.  Over the course of the day we went through a 5 gallon bucket of Margaritas.. not bad.  Some of the women didn’t take any while others were happy to partake.  We also had a few happy ladies who sought us out multiple times.  Bless their hearts.

I just have fun bantering with the ladies as they come through.  Trying to convince them to loosen up and have a drink.  Hugs with those I know well and pleasantries with others.  It’s a blast hawking drinks.  It’s also a good way I get to put a face with names I hear for women I had not actually met before.

Jack and Saul w/ Margaritas
 Jack and Saul serving Margaritas

Jack also had foldable Frisbees to hand out to all the ladies to give to their grandkids or whomever.  He had plenty and gave each person 3.  I myself have 13 grandkids and I made sure to get 1 for each.  I can tell you that my grandkids loved them and since they are soft they were able to play with them in the house (my house).  I still have some to give out to those I haven’t seen yet.

Many of the women thought we were helping ourselves to the margaritas as well be we really weren’t.  I’m a scotch drinker although I have been known to down some shots of Don Julio but that was in Mexico and once with a scotch and water backer.  Yes I was able to walk away, but I did fall asleep at dinner.

I really need to commend the ladies for running a great tournament and the charitable donation is fabulous based upon our small community.  Hip Hip Hooray!  Many KUDOS


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