A Blog by and for Amateur Golfers

A Blog by and for Amateur Golfers

I have been asked why I started this website.  The answer, like everything in life, is not necessarily simple.  I love golf.  My wife calls it an obsession.  Obviously, she is not into golf.  At this time in my life I play golf on average 3 times a week.  I also watch golf on television and on Fridays I watch golf after playing golf.  All that being said, it is easy to become inundated with golf equipment ads, on-line lessons, etc.  The internet, sports networks like the Golf Channel and such have changed the world in general and the information we receive about sports.  However, I felt there was something missing.

There was nothing for the true Amateur Golfer.  The hacker, the average Joe who sometimes plays on weekends, the average club golfer, the senior golfer.  The guys who play golf with their buddies.  Out of this I decided to create my “I’m an Amateur Golfer” website.

                               Saul and George at the Course

My idea was to start a blog site that would address interesting issues that face us hackers.  Talk about our bad rounds, poor hits, missed putts, etc.  I also wanted to talk about fun on the golf course.  The whole idea is to have fun.  Golf for most amateurs should be recreation and enjoyed.  What it’s like to be with your friends, or members of your family.  How we can or cannot help each other.  Interesting golf courses I might play.  A commentary on a local tournament.  My own personal struggles and answers in my golf swing and game.  To summarize, a general collage of hopefully interesting and perhaps even helpful reading for the average amateur golfer.

My idea is to use myself as the model.  I believe I am very similar to the typical golfer.  I presently consider myself a bogie golfer even though I have broken 80 with a 79.  Sorry, I had to put that in.  It makes me feel good.  My game goes up and down from round to round or within a round.  That is the reason I wrote the Blog “A Tale of Two Nines”.

I’m older now.  I have a bad back which I have had since the 80’s and in fact my back went totally out and into spasms around 1984.  I still wanted to play golf even though I rarely did.  Not because of my back but normal family reasons.  Over the years I have taken a lesson or two from a Pro and even attended a half day golf school at Kapalua in Hawaii.  I have bought golf improvement programs on the internet and watch some golf instruction on the Golf Channel.  I then had to decide what works for my body.  What can I do and how do I do it with my bad back.

Prior to joining the Discovery Bay Country Club I never had an established handicap and my index today is less than half of what is was when I joined.  I have worked out what I believe works for me.  I use input from all areas including feedback from my friends and playing partners.  What I have done and how I have done it is something I want to share with other part time golfers in this world.  I do not practice a lot (hardly ever) because of my aches and pains and my time.  I don’t think the average golfer has time to practice a lot either.

I don’t want to sound like a know- it- all because I am not.  I just believe that the average golfer can learn from what I have tried, perhaps found successful and learn to play within yourself.

I hope you enjoy my Blogs and in some way I’ll either improve your golf game or at the least your enjoyment of the game.  Please, I would love to hear from you.  I am open to feedback and am willing to dialog with you.




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