Four Person Golf Games

Four Person Golf Games

What Golf Games Do You Play?

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This past week, my Senior Golf Group played a very interesting match.  We were broken up into foursomes and average team handicaps were mostly equalized. Each team had an A, B, C and D player.  The A player is the low handicapper and the D player the high handicapper.  This team play is normal however, this week we added a twist. We all played from the forward tees and could only carry 5 clubs including your putter.  Think about this. What 5 clubs would you take? Remember the course will only be 5279 yards long.  It was very different golf.  The only real similarity was the greens.


I chose a 3 wood (metal), a 27 degree hybrid, an 8 iron, a 56 degree sand wedge and my putter.  I’ll tell you my thinking. Most of us can hit a 3 wood almost as far as a driver and the 3 wood is more versatile from the fairway.  On this shorter course, for me the 27 degree hybrid should cover 1from 120 yards to 145 yards.  The 8 iron would have to cover shots over 80 yards and less than 120 yards.  I figure the shorter course could bring more sand traps into play and I am most comfortable with my 56 degree sand wedge.  This club also covers shots from 80 yards in. For my game I believe I chose well.  It was a day that I hit my 3 wood very well.  I probably averaged perhaps 200 yards off the tee.  I was hitting so well off the tee that my playing partners were teasing me about giving lessons on how to hit a 3 wood.  One of my teammates used a driver and I outhit him on most holes. Remember we are all senior golfers. Except for our A player in his low to mid-sixties, our team is all in our mid to upper seventies.


The actual game was 2 best net balls of the foursome.  We scored pretty well as a team, and I don’t recall us being over par on any hole.  I’m still not sure how we did in relation to the other teams because the results have still not been posted.


I normally play the white tees, which is 6042 yards and some of the guys prefer to play the Brown tees at 5587 yards. The USGA says play it forward based upon handicap and distance of your tee shot.  I personally find that I really don’t score better from the Brown tees.  Whether I’m pitching or chipping from in front of the green or the side of the green makes no difference to me.  Perhaps if someday I get better control of direction with my second shot I might like the Brown tees.  Anyway, I love the game from anywhere I play.


If you have never tried playing a 5 club game and /or a short course game, you should try it with your friends.  Even if you play without posting your score, it’s a fun game to play.  As I said, what 5 clubs would you carry?

I’m curious and would love to hear from you.  Please leave your comment.

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